An Alternative to Dieting
If you change your lifestyle and how you think about food you will never have to diet again to lose weight
Understanding how each macronutrient (Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates) is utilised by the body and their effects on metobolic health enables us to draw up the perfect diet for humans, a ketogenic diet.
About Us
Our Mission
At the Ketogenic Lifestyle we aim to pass on years of knowledge obatined through reading countless acedmic studies and personal experience of using this lifestyle. We will tell you how to set up a ketogenic lifestyle and offer coaching if you need that extra little bit of help
  • To drastically reduce your risk or reverse metobolic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia, alzheimers, gout, cancer etc through dietary and lifestyle changes, without "dieting"
  • Assist in "resetting" your metobolism through burning bodyfat and not carbohydrates
  • Help you lose weight without dieting
  • Improving your life expectancy by eating foods we are gentically and evolutionarily supposed to eat
  • Build Muscle using bespoke training plans and dieting protocols
Below is a list of what we provide you at The Ketogenic Lifestyle
  1. Recipes
    Great recipes to cook the ketogenic way
  2. Blog
    For the latest commentary and opinion on the latest dietary news and reviews. For those who want to learn more
  3. Transformations
    View the results of other normal people who have changed to a ketogenic lifestyle. This is great for motivation!
  4. Personalized Plans
    We design bespoke diet and training programs centered around ketogenic principles